2009 – The Year Of MyFrontSteps

It is almost the end of January 2009 and VendAsta is now a year old. It seems like just yesterday we that we were moving into our first office.  

  • We have gone from a group of 8 people to 29 of the best and brightest. 
  • We had a VC equity investment of 3 Million Dollars for MyFrontSteps
  •  We have a new office
  • We released StepRep, an online reputation managment tool,  and the first in a suite of products that will form  MyFrontSteps

And while 2008 was a year of big change, I believe that 2009 will be a year of even bigger change.  The MyFrontSteps and StepRep teams at VendAsta have been hard at work up here in the cold building some really cool stuff!. 


In Early March we are set to release a super exciting and innovative social media platform that connects home owners with home service providers.   Recently Global TV noticed our efforts and did a little story on us.  




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