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Almost a year ago I wrote a post called “Dream Like A Child”.  I watched a video today that captured the sentiment of my post in much more elegant way. Take a look:...

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Cool (And Smart) New Google things

In the last few days Google has announced some really cool things.  The most significant is that Google is leveraging their search engine dominance to give their Google Profiles (see mine here...

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Sign of the Times

Automated valuation systems like those from Zillow or Cyberhomes are very objective. They take data and render an non emotional decision. Most people can understand that home owners certainly have a...

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2009 – The Year Of MyFrontSteps

It is almost the end of January 2009 and VendAsta is now a year old. It seems like just yesterday we that we were moving into our first office. We have gone from a group of 8 people to 29 of the...

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