Dream Like A Child

Every once in a while I have a random rambling thought.  I think I will start publishing them, here is a recent one.
I have five children ranging in age from brand new to 17 so I have a lot of exposure to the young mind.  The vivid conviction with which little kids hold their, dreams, hopes and desires is amazing.  In their minds, they feel that when they grow up they can be or do anything.  It is certainly sad to see those dreams fade and change, for some, as they grow up.  Life, it seems, inexorably conspires to beat the little kid out of us with insidious persistence.  Sadly for most, somewhere along the line the kid inside  becomes silent. People become satisfied with the mediocrity of their station and call it reality.  Fortunately dreams, like children, are resilient.  I think that everyone has remnants deep inside of the kid they once were.  Don’t let life beat the little kid out of you.  
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6 Responses to Dream Like A Child

  1. [...] and individually buy into.   But it is more than that. It is about providing people with the luxury of dreaming.  It is about giving our people a chance to turn some of their dreams into [...]

  2. Chris Pucci says:

    I couldn’t agree with this post more. I am one of those rare people who never stopped dreaming and have paid the price for that throughout my life. It seems that the adult world is not designed to facilitate dreams although those who are truly successful and fullfilled are the ones who never forgot how to dream. It is an interesting paradox and it makes you wonder why the world fights against dreams.

  3. [...] Almost a year ago I wrote a post called “Dream Like A Child” .  I watched a video today that captured the sentiment of my post in much more elegant [...]

  4. Ben Kaplan says:

    I love it!!! We’re on the same page brotha, check out what I put together on the same topic! http://www.whereisbenkaplan.com/other-writings/goal-setting/item/362-dream-like-a-child

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  6. Sandy says:

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