Point2Agent and Neighborhoods

There has been some question lately to what our intentions are with respect to neighborhoods.  A few posters on Realtalk have suggested that there is some evil conspiracy to use the information that Realtors enter to help sell the neighborhoods to the next sponsor.  In fact, we would never use the information that a sponsor entered other then when that particular sponsor is displayed.
Our entire neighborhood initiative is centered on helping to generate leads for our members.  We are simply looking for ways to help drive traffic and give them the chance to showcase their expertise to consumers. 
Some people have voiced concern over our auction format for selling neighborhoods.  We expend considerable resources driving traffic to Point2homes and its syndication partners.  This traffic turns to exposure and leads.  Traffic is worth more in some neighborhoods then others, this much we know for sure.  The only fair way to determine what a neighborhood sponsorship is worth is to let our members decided – hence the auction. 
We are always open to advice, feel free to jump in here J


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