No Shortage of Great New Ideas

I  had a conversation the other day with an old friend who is not involved technology.  As we talked the conversation moved toward technology and its role in society.  In particular he felt that we were getting close to the end of new innovation, that everything that could possibly be done was being done.  I only needed to throw out five or six ideas (without pause because I have been thinking of them for sometime) before he realized that he just had not opened his mind to new ideas.  Frankly, I was surprised because my friend is one smart cookie, it just goes to show that most people don’t take the time to dream.

So many good ideas and so little time.  Here is one of those tremendous ideas.   I really like this site because of the possibilities that exist for this technology in the real estate industry.   

I hope you enjoy this site:

Who knows – you might already be in the database


2 Responses to No Shortage of Great New Ideas

  1. creketun says:

    Perfect pages… tnx

  2. Paul Agosti says:

    Is Riya a publically traded company and how can an investor get involved at subscription prices if it is not public? I would be anxious to know more about the company.

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