What makes your work worthwhile?

We build a lot of functionality and some of them have benefits that are easier to see then others. A recent bit of work is currently in beta.  It allows our members, real estate agents, to set triggers for certain events that happen on their websites and receive them as SMS messages sent to their cell phones.  Where it gets neat is when you see it in action – or read about it as it were.

One of our beta customers, Jay Thompson had this to say: “This is great, a client recently said to me ‘Wow, I just sent that email three minutes ago. Do you just sit by a PC waiting on email?’ When I told him I was actually on a bike ride, he was pretty impressed.”

This is the kind of comment that makes it all worthwhile.


24 Responses to What makes your work worthwhile?

  1. Jay Thompson says:

    Hey, I know that beta tester! He’s a great guy!!

    But seriously, the beta test of the SMS text messaging has gone without a hitch. And let me tell you, this tool kicks some serious tail. Within minutes of someone sending an email through my Point 2 site, I get a text message with the prospects email and phone number. It absolutely blows people away when they get a direct response that fast. (No, I don’t always respond to a text message right away. That’s the beauty of it though. **I** control who and when I call.)

    Just a couple of days ago I get a text message saying a prospect had emailed us. So I jumped on-line and read the email. This guy was asking questions about what it would take to list his 3 acres in a booming part of town. I emailed him back within 30 minutes, answering his questions. The next day he called and said, “not only were you the first to respond to my email, you were the only response. Can you come over Sunday and we can talk about listing my land?”

    If we get this listing (and I bet we do) it will pay for my Point 2 site for the next 20.62 years.

    When teh SMS text is rolled out, get it. If you don’t have a Point 2 site, get one. Don’t have a Point 2 site? Get more info here: http://www.thompsonsrealty.com/ForAgents.aspx

    Happy Texting!

  2. Brendan King says:

    Thanks for the kudos Jay! Guys like you will always be successful our tools just help to make life easier. I hope our SMS product is met with as much enthusiasm as you have shown. We did have on person on the beta program opt out because their cell phone provider was charging them twenty five cents a message. It is a little disheartening to think that a Realtor wound not want to get back to a customer as quickly as possible because it cost them a quarter. In any case, our next phase will allow triggers to be set to determine if an SMS is sent. I wonder if this member will be willing to pay a quarter for a home showing, or a home evaluation request?

    In any case it is great for guys like you, Jay. You will be mighty busy if all your competition is so short sighted!


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