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Did you know that 80% of new feature requests from Microsoft Office are for features they already have?  It’s true.  This must have ticked off Gates and Balmer.  They are completely revamping the interface for Microsoft Office 2007 and planning to release it under the cover of the new Windows Vista release.  The jury is out on whether they are geniuses or morons. 

In any case, this new interface will certainly impact the face of existing and future software from all vendors.  This LINK shows 33 different screen shots of the new user interface.  Enjoy


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  1. Belen says:

    Zdravei Ivan, qwno prouchwash uiaistnhccte w diskusiite:)! Jalko che na stranicita ti nqma informcaiq za towa koi e gospodin Yanakiev. Blagodaarq za priqtnoto posreshtane!pozdravi,Mariyana

  2. podeis adquirirlas las gafas 3D aqui

    Features Features Features | Brendan’s Blog

  3. Nannie says:

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