Point2 NLS’s Conspiracy to Keep First Class Full – A response to Blanche Evans

Conspiracy is in the air!  

What am I talking about you ask? I am talking about a presentation given by Blanche Evans of the Realty Times to the NAR Realtor Association Executives Institute held in
San Diego this February 19th, 2007.
 Here is a link to the intro and here is a link to the power point presentation.  (All on realtor.org) 


The entire presentation is about a conspiracy by Banks, Federal Government, third party service providers, consumer groups and the financial press to “Demonize” Realtors, NAR and Associations, interesting times Indeed.  Normally I read things like this with interest, often finding truth and validity in the arguments.  Imagine my surprise to learn that the P2NLS, even more specifically this blog,  are part of this widespread organized conspiracy.  Hmmn, normally I would shrug something like this off as water drops off a ducks back, but this presentation was made by Blanche Evans.  

Blanche, if you read this (and you must be reading my blog if you used it in your presentation)  I want you to know that I am a little hurt and confused.  Why?  I have always read your “stuff” and found it to be well researched and written and I am disappointed that you didn’t take the time to understand the P2 National Listing Service.   I am disappointed that the NLS was portrayed as a party enjoined in the conspiracy against organized real estate.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  


In fact, only licensed real estate professionals can participate in the NLS and THERE IS NO PUBLIC FACING MARKETING COMPONENT of the NLS.  Brokers have COMPLETE CONTROL and CHOICE as to where, if at all, their listings are displayed and who their marketing partners are.  Further, these listings are displayed with their brand and their contact information and link directly back to their website.  With respect to the NLS and consumers; consumers can only take advantage of the power of organized real estate by enlisting and working with a licensed real estate professional. 

In short, If you look at the P2NLS in its entirety one can only come to the conclusion that it is the penultimate proponent of organized real estate.   

If you listen to Blanche’s presentation, and I encourage you to do so, you will see it implies that we are trying to capitalize on the weakness of the regional MLS system.  Not true.  We are simply filling the gaps in marketing, advertising and analytics that these organizations were never intended to provide. I prefer to give Blanche the benefit of the doubt. I am sure she has simply misunderstood our purpose and commitment to organized real estate.  To this end I am extending an olive branch and this promise to Blanche and the AE Institute;  In every way we will  continue to take the  high road in our attempt to promote and promulgate the altruistic agenda of organized real estate.  The end result will be better for Realtors, better for Associations and better for consumers, because remember, “first class is always full”.


8 Responses to Point2 NLS’s Conspiracy to Keep First Class Full – A response to Blanche Evans

  1. Jay Thompson says:

    Clearly anyone that thinks Point2 is a part of any grand plan to disenfranchise Realtors and/or organizaed real estate doesn’t “get it”. I too read Blanche’s work regularly and was surprised that she made the claims she did. I’d be happy to discuss my experiences with Point2 — the products and the company — with Blanche or anyone else who’d like a “members’ opinion.

  2. I went through the power point presentation just now; and while I didn’t listen to the audio, the content seems to be implying that P2NLS is a good tool that can help brokers(?). At least at teh end of the presentation. It’s really no different than Realtor.com. It does seem that she [Blanche Evans] has a very general understanding of what P2 is really about; a common mistake made with most real estate critics today. Quick to make a judgement, because it is far easier than actually taking a few minutes to learn about the subject they want to “trash.” The sad reality of todays lifestyle; many people don’t read (Read? You mean a book? What’s that?!), they live their lives and make decisions based on BULLET POINTS [perhaps from a Power Point presentation?]. It’s sad if you ask me. Personally, as a NJ real estate agent, I’d be thrilled if NJ could just have one MLS system. but since there are 5 I do what I can to market in between the gaps of the local MLS. The ones who think THAT is wrong, are those who are threatened by the competition.

  3. Chris Dowell says:

    Forget about the naysayers. Keep up the great work! As a licensed real estate agent for 18 years, Point 2 Agent with all of its tools is the best. Your new prospecting tool, NLS, is currently one of the best indexed sites in many of my keywords. All of the prospects come to my website. Unlike most websites where someone else has control, on NLS, I have alot of control. NLS is a threat to realtor.com.

  4. texashomesites says:

    If there is no Public Facing marketing then what is Point2Homes.com? And why is everyone is such an uproar about all the online real estate buzz when companies have doing this for almost 10 years. zipRealty.com has been merging public data with marketing and offering rebates since day 1. Redfin and P2NLS and Zillow are not unique concepts at all. Far from it. They are just using web 2.0 technology to do it faster, cheaper, and not always better. So find something else to gripe about Realtors – getting 6% for simply entering search criteria into your local MLS and emailing listings is a joke. And to complain that to DOJ and NAR is simply ridiculous. Get a brain and use it. Perhaps online.

  5. Technology is advancing so quickly that if you don’t get on board now and make an impact, as a Realtor you will buried soon. Those who stand still are really making a mistake.

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    • Lance says:

      You have a LEGAL AND BINDING CONTRACT. all disclosures wihitn the contract should be what the seller knows about the property. Now the other agent cannot FORCE you to sign anything. Basically what the agent is trying to do is cover his clients ass- if the selling side has a problem with it you can always take it before arbitration (see how they like that). Either way the selling agent is not wihitn his rights to present other docs. for disclosures, nor do you let them off the hook. You will have no recourse if you do. Hope this helps.

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