Movin on In…

It’s truly amazing how much the surrounding environment affects your life, attitude and outlook.  Yesterday we moved into our new digs at Innovation Place Research Park in sunny (if cold) Saskatoon.   WOW!  This place rocks!  You can check out the list of our neighbors here.  We are surrounded by really cool people doing really cool things and, to top it off, we have really cools surroundings. This place is buzzing with action – at almost any hour.  I will be posting photos and videos (real ones – not like the one in this post).
So VendAsta is taking openness, free choice and transparency to a whole new level.  For example, the business development type guys (including me and Ches) have chose to use HP Notebooks,  most of the guys focusing on development are using big beefed up Dell notebooks, however Allan Wolinski has chosen some type of Mac Book.  In future posts there will be more to come on what it really means to be open and transparent.
I doubt that I have been able to properly relate the sense of purpose, motivation and sheer excitement.  Check out the video to see what I mean!

18 Responses to Movin on In…

  1. Norm Fisher says:

    Looking forward to the rest of the show. Good luck Brendan!

  2. Chris Dowell says:

    We are guessing down here in KC what you guys are doing. When will you release?

  3. Jeff Tomlin says:

    We’ve suffered a set back in our progress – Our network administrator is recovering from a severe case of frost bite… lol

  4. Vlad Fitsko says:

    Hi Brendan,
    good stuff. I did not know that you and other guys departed from P2 and started a new company. Say Hello to everyone at VendAsta from Vlad. Its great to see familiar faces. Way to go.
    Vlad F.

  5. Brendan King says:

    Thanks for all the kind words everyone! Great to hear from everyone! Keep your eye on us!

  6. Brenda, Isn’t it time to change up the blog header?

  7. oops I meant BrendaN. With an N on the end.

  8. Brendan King says:

    your absolutely right Matt. Working on it 🙂

  9. Brendan King says:

    It seems that everybody has an idea or a theory about what we are up to. We are very excited and happy that everyone seems to be taking an interest. However, we haven’t been sued by anyone, that’s a new one to me.

  10. chris says:

    Brendan, just curious who is this Chester guy who is your CEO. I have never heard of him before. Howcome you are not the CEO? Regardless I think you worked out a good team.

  11. Ches Hagen says:

    Hi Chris, Brendan asked me to answer this one for him. First of all; you called me Chester? My name is Ches (pronounced like the game). I only went by Chester in my last company and I have to be honest, my mom was always disappointed when she’d call me at the office and hear “Chester here” on the other end of the telephone. She says she named me Ches, not Chester. In VendAsta I’m back to the birth certificate name. Perhaps you know me from my last company? Maybe not though, you did say you ‘never heard of him before’ … I’ll bet if we met we’d be sure to have fun.

    I’ll see if I can answer your questions

    Who is this guy? Well, I’m just another crazy and fun VendAsta member. Everyone can read about each of us here – I’ve known them all for upwards of 9 years and it`s a killer crew!

    How come you are not the CEO? Brendan and I co-founded VendAsta and neither of us get too hung up on titles… we’re far more interested in working on exciting challenging technology with people we like. We feel pretty lucky to have found both!

    Ches Hagen – chagen @

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