Cold Outside But Heating Up Inside

It is super cold outside but things are starting to heat up inside!  Not many people going outside for a smoke break, in fact, not many people going outside at all!  If anyone wants to come and visit us we promise we will tell you all of our plans – no holds barred.  I already invited Clark Alexander (the displaced Canadian)  from Onboard but he likes the 60 degree weather in Charlotte too much.

6Darn Cold

We have a little video to share.  🙂


3 Responses to Cold Outside But Heating Up Inside

  1. Ches Hagen says:

    Well Brendan King and Jeff Tomlin, according to your trusty chart, VendAsta’s Vancouver BC office will be 35 degrees warmer (which will “feel like” 51 degrees) this evening. Bundle up gents!

  2. Colin says:

    Dear Saskatchewan:

    Sometimes the truth hurts. I hope we are friends enough that you’ll be able to get over it when I tell you that all this cold weather is really hurting your reputation. I mean, would it be so hard to be more like your distant neighbours to the east and west? Torontonians don’t like you not because you don’t have mountains or oceans. No, the real reason they don’t think you’re “cool” and “hip” enough is because of all this glum weather you produce. I mean, when its +5 here in London ON your negativity isn’t all that appealing. Can you at least try to be a little more friendly to human habitation? Just a little? You’re acting like that awkward jr high kid at a dance where the kid doesn’t even try to fit in by combing his hair or taking a shower. You have to at least try and fit in a little bit.

    Well, I’m glad we had this little chat. I know you can do better. And hey, I’m hear for you if ever you need a shoulder to cry on.

    -Saskatoon ex-pat

  3. Brendan King says:

    Colin. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. We all know you want to come back. 🙂

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