A Real Team is a Lot of Fun

Going to work shouldn’t be this much fun.  I was thinking about our environment at VendAsta last night and trying to put my finger on what makes it so fun.  Why is it so easy to get up in the morning and come to work? It’s definitely the people you work with.  That said, it sure is easy to say the work TEAM.  But what does a TEAM really mean?  There are a lot of definitions and the word can be applied many ways.   For example one definition of a team is “Two or more draft animals used to pull a vehicle or farm implement”.   Around here, however, our definition of a team is more like this: ” a group individuals who interact dynamically, interdependently and adaptively to achieve specified, shared, and valued objectives in an environment of respect and trust.”    
Unfortunately, there are way too many companies out there where the “Team” definition feels more like the first and less like ours.  It is easy to say the word “Team” but it is truly special when it is reflected by reality. So I have come to the conclusion that the fact we have a real “Team” is the reason we are having so much fun around here.
You can check out how much fun by checking out this video!

4 Responses to A Real Team is a Lot of Fun

  1. Hi Brendan!

    Congrats on VendAsta. It was great seeing you again in NYC. last month

    Glad to see your team coming together. It sure does seem like you guys are having fun. Woo Hoo!

    I just wanted to share my opinion that Trulia has an amazing team. I’m happy to be a part of it.

    Stay well!


  2. Mike Farmer says:

    There are few experiences in life as exciting and energizing as being a part of a team that clicks and gells. I’ve experienced it a couple of times. I’m happy for you guys, and I know the results will be great.


  3. Brendan King says:

    Thanks Rudy and Mike. We are really looking forward to participating in the industry in a significant way. Thanks for the note.

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