The Science of Marketing

Most people think that marketing is more witchcraft than science and there are days when I find it hard to argue against that line of reasoning. Most days, however, I believe that any outcome can be predicted by an equation that takes into account a sufficient number of variables.  This may be because I have a degree in Physics and feel some burning desire to actually use the darn thing, but I digress. In marketing you don’t have to be exact, close is good enough, marketing is more like horseshoes and grenades, and less like physics.

When close is good enough simple is better, less variables are better and less assumptions are better.  When perfection is not required you can analyze empirical data and “fit” the equation to the data and thus use it predict the future.  Newton’s laws are a great example of this.  They work, good enough, without taking into account the coefficients of friction. You don’t really need Maxwell’s equations unless you need perfection.


In this site I will make observations, assumptions, analyze data, come to wild conclusions and make crazy predictions.

I hope you enjoy it.

Brendan King
( Ex – Physicst )


7 Responses to The Science of Marketing

  1. Lonn Dugan says:

    Ahh… Marketing. My First Love. Even more than Selling houses or Buying homes…

    Brendan, I respect you and your company’s accomplishments a great deal, and would not want to talk physics equations with you, but I beg to differ with the idea that Marketing is not a science.

    I am a scientist of a different sort. Communication is a science. Human Behavior Can Be Studied, Quantified and Predicted based on stimulus and response patterns. Point of Sale Purchase Motivation can be studied…

    I agree that there is a ALSO a lot of smoke and magic in the process… I’ll give you that Visual communication is more of an ART than a science, and the whole idea of working a web lead is more of an ART than a science…

    So let’s not throw out the science and go all artsy fartsy….

  2. I have tell you how much I love Point2. Yes I need to redo my website but it is working quite well. Point2 has set me ahead of my dreams and thank you.

  3. Ginny Lee says:

    Hi Brendan,

    I have been a point2 user for many years ( want to thank-you for doing a great job! I have also given away many FREE websites to other agents and I am even getting paid for agents upgrading their websites.

    I would love to know what you are doing now and if there is a way we can do something together. I believe in branding and selling luxury real estate. I own and have many other domain names to promote other agents in other countries.

    I have been a CRS since 1991 and no one really knows what that means even though it is the highest recognition you can achieve from the National Association of Realtors.

    But if I tell people I am one of America’s Best Agents they always want to work with me.

    I would love you to e-mail me and let me know if you would be interested in working together. I don’t know what no more door knocking in is about but I haven’t knocked on doors for years. You don’t need to knock on Doors if you are one of America’s Best Agents….thanks so much…Ginny Lee

  4. Yvonne says:

    I am knew to point2 and only recently heard of this blog. I love to apply the stochastic to the abstract art of marketing/selling homes.

    • Julia says:

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  5. click says:

    This blog site is very good! How can I make one like this !?

  6. Gustavo says:

    I find it very interesting to see this arclite as a polar opposite to what we read in the more is better arclite. For that arclite I argued that people miss the point of design when they try to force a style or product down people’s throats. This arclite argues for actually getting to know people, I know, what a concept. One thing that people argue with when it comes to ethnography is lumping people together. People like to be seen as individuals, and to be placed in one group can be seen as insulting. The reality is that we do fit into target markets. These markets are not stationary and constant, for instance I joined the Mac market today, so understanding the research is sometimes more than just collecting the numbers every 10 years.My mom’s market research company uses this type of information to help companies tailor their services to the consumer. One instance is that people in the southern cow/calf vet clinic ethnographic are very reliant on personal visits from the sales reps and that reps be friendly. In the north, similar vets prefer that communication with the rep be by phone or increasingly by internet. By understanding those needs, companies can not only develop new services, but save money. All those fridges that didn’t sell. Yeah its not cheap to have that kind of failure.

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