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Bad Picture

Unless you are an Inman subscriber you can’t get to the Inman article any more.  I can’t say that doesn’t please me as the picture of me was ridiculous.  You can still read the article (sans picture) here: http://agent.point2.com/Articles/InmanArticleMar06.asp Oh, and...

Let’s Talk About Stats

Here is a stat for you: The California Association of REALTORS® 2004 Internet vs. Traditional Home Buyer Study says that 71% of Consumers Interviews only one Agent.  Often this stat is quoted as “71% of Consumers deal with the first Realtor they talk to”.  From here,...

.Net Upgrade

Early this morning we upgraded to .NET 2.0 – so far so good. In fact, it appears we have some good performance increases. J

New Stuff

So we just hit 75,000 signups – rock ‘n roll! We also have a new support site at www.p2a.com .   Have a look at it.  We are exposing some important stats.  It makes some people around here a little nervous. We had originally wanted expose some stats like: CPU...

Inman News : Re Syndication

Looks like we had a post on Iman News today:  Man I need to get a new picture for them! See it here: http://www.inman.com/inmannews.aspx?ID=50313