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As most of you reading this post will already know I have resigned as COO of Point2 Realty. Since the inception of Point2Agent I have lived and breathed the product, dreamed about the strategy and direction and worked unceasingly towards our goals.  I was not alone on this path.  In fact, I had the fortune of traveling with some of the best and brightest.  Some of those people remain at Point2 and some have left. I am sure that Point2 will continue to be a great product developed by a company of great people.  Much of the near term vision and planning is in place and I wish the best to all the remaining staff. There have been a lot of rumors and speculation about the resignations, particularly the who and why. You can read the who here: Point2 Announced Executive Resignations  .  I think I can speak for the bulk group when I say that the why is now unimportant.  What is important is that all our great customers and friends in the industry can expect, at the very least, that Point2 will remain reliably and dependably what it is; a leader in technology and innovation.  I can’t say for sure what the future holds for those of us that resigned.  I can say there are many wonderful opportunities.  I can say that I personally consider the group of individuals who resigned a “Dream Team”.  I can tell you that I would love to continue working with these guys.  I can also say that we have a lot of great ideas and opportunities. I can tell you that many of these are in the real estate industry (but not all J ).   I just can’t tell you anything specific – yet. Stay tuned.