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Okay so it has been a while since my last blog.  I have been busy, life is like that sometime.  At point we have released our sms/text messaging notification system. We are calling it “Real Alerts”.  Cute.  Our members can now have certain events trigger text messages with prospects phone numbers straight to their cell phones.  Consumers expect a response within 4 hours and now our members can make it happen. This stuff is in beta and all our members can access it to some degree.  Even our standard members that are paying nothing.  We are paying for the text messages.  This leads me to my next point – Limbo.

Talk about cute names.  Limbo, how low can you go?  This  is a neat new service that takes advantage of some of the intricacies of text messaging. For all incoming SMS messages, an additional per-call charge can be levied Did you know that when all those teenagers text for their favorite idol it costs them. For example, voters for American Idol were charged 10 cents per SMS vote; AT&T received 8 million SMS votes during the second season. Fees  can go as high as 50 cents per vote or even higher.  This per-call charge generates revenues, can help to hold down high call volumes, and can qualify callers so they have a genuine interest in the product or event.

However, it can also do something else, as in the case of Limbo.  Limbo is a service that holds “auctions” where people can “bid” on items.  The lowest unique bid wins. I.E. the lowest bid that nobody else also bid, hence “Limbo, how low can you go”.  Bidders can bid any where from 1 cent to whatever they desire. The catch is that the bids have to be sent in via SMS.  This generates revenue for Limbo.   Recently someone lucky texter won a Hummer for $36.65! This means they texted in the number 3665 and that was the lowest unique bid.  I wonder how many people texted in 20, 500, 2000 or even 3000, likely many. I bet Limbo made quite a bit more then the cost of the Hummer on this one.

Interesting stuff, I would like to hear people’s thoughts on this one.

Here is the link: