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I am proud and honored to announce that I have been included in the Inman News “100 most influential real estate leaders” list.  That said, I would like everyone to know that this honor is not one that I can claim as solely my own. It belongs to the men and women at Point2. It belongs to our passionate and loyal customers many of whom have become friends and acquaintances.  It belongs to our vendors and partners.

I know that by naming names I run the risk of leaving people out, which I surely have. I also know that to many reading this the names mean little but I include them hear anyway to illustrate the point of how many have helped in our quest to build the best marketing platform for real estate professionals that we can. For those of you whose names I do not use here, know this, you are a not forgotten and you surely are a big source of our success – you know who you are. So here goes.

Without John Fothergill we never would have entered real estate or had the simplistic and killer UI insights.  Without Jeff Tomlin we wouldn’t have had the industry insight to build our product.  Linda Jame has been the face of Point2 and a guiding angel for many brokers.  Greg Miller and his team have handled the marketing and creative of our product in a way that keeps our competitors up at night.  Roger Noujeim has single handedly been like a five man PR team and a great gentleman to boot. Jon Levesque and his team get up at 3am far to often keep our product up simply because we innovate too quickly. James Townley and Jessie Redl rock as business analyst turning concepts and ideas into requirements.  Eron Wright, Jason Collins, Todd Sturgeon, Brian Richardson, Ulas Nair, Chris Dagenais, Melanie Cey, Cam McHugh, Dustin Bartlett are but a few of the names of the great developers  that live and breath the Point2 NLS code.  Who can forget our customer support team headed up by Allan Wolinsky and Jen Anderson, they are truly second to none and a continual source of rising stars in our company.  Our great reception and admin staff also perform above and beyond.

We have truly been blessed with great customers over the years. Customers that care, evangelize, and give recommendations with complaints.   Customers like Jay Thompson, Stephen Rosen, Norm Fisher  and Ron Tarvin to name but a very few. These are customers where the relationship didn’t always start out the best.  Their feedback (and feedback of many more like them) has helped us build our product to what it is today.

We are also fortunate to have great partners and vendors, many of who I now call friends.  Bernice Ross, Saul Klein, Mike Barnett, John Reilly, Donna Lee Lau, Steve Murray, Clark Alexander, Mark Siden, Mike Parker, Dave Collins, Ben Clark, Michael Wise, Steven Grooves, Pete Flint and many many more (literally hundreds).

In my case at least, the honor of being in the list most certainly doesn’t belong to me alone.