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On November 30th or, or thereabouts our member base was spammed by a competing website company.  The email had this subject line: Does Point2 Agent Provide What You Thought You Paid For?  We had made a mistake in our “online office” and temporarily exposed email addresses through one our systems.  A script was likely written, email address were collected, and spam was sent.  We closed the “hole” in our system and  email address can no longer be harvested.     I assumed that the company sending the Spam, ihouse, was likely unaware of the transgression at the top level.  I called the CEO, Paul Sheng, as a business courtesy to let him know what was happening.   I got a call back from Ken Wu in business development.  Ken was a nice enough guy, but seemed to suggest that if the marketing department was doing this as a planned thing there would be nothing he could do about it.  He promised to get back to me but I have yet to hear anything.    So back to the question, is spamming someone else’s customers worth it?  Drum roll please … The answer – Hardly if one is to go by what our members had to say about ihouse.

Here is the email with this subject line:

Does Point2 Agent Provide What You Thought You Paid For?

This is a copy of the emial I sent Ken Wu, at ihouse.  I still haven’t heard back from him yet.

Hi Ken, it was nice talking to you today.  As promised here is a copy of the email.  It appears that many in our customer base were emailed this message.  As a professional courtesy I thought I would let you know that someone in your organization is tarnishing your reputation.  We have a very loyal customer base and I hate to see them speaking out and bringing disrepute to the ihouse name.  I have taken the liberty of attaching one of the many discussions on our message board about this practice.

Best Regards,

Brendan King

Chief Operating Officer

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