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Just thought I would give a little update on our data syndication project.  We are currently pumping listings out to , , , and .  Google is kinda broken.  It seems that we are the first to send them an XML feed (everyone else is just using flat file).  They don’t want us to change but we are getting tired of being the guinea pigs!  Anyway, I am sure they will fix it soon and then our solution will rock!  They might, and I am not saying they will , have a new real estate spec coming soon.  I would *guess* that it will be awesome!

In any case all these listings go out with our members branding and contact info.  In February we generated almost 50,000 leads – all for free to our members.  Do the math, if we were selling them at $35.00 a pop like is going to that would be  $1.75 MILLION DOLLARS worth.  But as we have said before, these aren’t for sale, they belong to our members.
Incidentally, we are going to blow away this number in March as we are now generating up to 5000 leads per day on our network.

Thought I would leave you with an interesting Oodle URL.  I think it is supposed to be a secret but I have friend on the Inside    This will let you see all our listings by city.  Just replace Detroit in the link below with whatever


Oodle calls your city:
I think I might need a holiday.  I had a dream the other night that my nine year old daughter was entering homes for sale in our system.  I was getting frustrated with her because she wasn’t putting in enough detail, so I built her a wizard tool that would just ask her questions that she could answer and it would make a fantastic looking listing.  Anyone agree that I need a holiday?