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I am a big advocate of Google Docs. The collaboration, sharing and simplicity of “one document” are brilliant – at least to me. So brilliant that I have been coercing anyone I interact with to use the tool. Bragging about all the things thag Google gives you . So I was happy to get this email from a potential convert I have been working on :


After working with Google over the past week there is one thing that is clear that Google gives you ….


Time to think about you life,

Time to think about planning your evening,

Time to email your Investees with complaints about Google…






All while Google is thinking about calculating a formula….

I’ve written this email while Google is thinking…. About importing a value from another sheet…. So I’m not sure the “import Range” function is going to be the way to go.

It finally worked!

I’ll have to give this more thought tomorrow.”

Oh well, I have to admit it is true that when working with complex spreadsheets Google has some work to do.